About Us

Skyward Balloons has built it’s reputation on providing “The Adventure of a Lifetime” using the best equipment and highly qualified Transport Canada approved Commercial Pilots.
We have been creating unforgettable memories since 1993. The founder Graham Rawlinson, President of Skyward Balloons has over thirty years of flying experience on Single & Multi-engine Aircraft, Jet Aircraft, Hot Air Balloons and Ultra-lights.

In 1993, Graham became a commercial balloon pilot and developed, coordinated and ran successful corporate balloon programs for international companies. Today, Skyward Balloons has become the most reputable Hot Air Balloon Company in Canada. We provide scenic champagne flights for individuals and groups. Many companies use Skyward Balloons as part of their corporate incentive programs and corporate promotions. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our passengers have an Adventure of a Lifetime in first class equipment with highly qualified Pilots. We create unforgettable memories in picture perfect conditions.

Skyward’s Pilots are the best in the industry and although it is not a Transport Canada requirement most of our pilots are also Hot Air Balloon Flight Instructors and are licensed to fly airplanes. As a result we have a perfect safety record. We fly passengers age 8 and up, the oldest passenger we have flown was 94 years of age!

Skyward Balloons can also deliver your Corporate Advertising and Public Communications Program. There is no better advertising medium (Survey results on Impact of Balloon Branding Programs) for delivering high impact programs for building brand awareness and retention. As an advertising and promotional company that develops corporate communication programs using Hot Air Balloons, Cold Air Inflatables and event management, we can deliver your message in an exciting, highly visible and impactful way!

As a Transport Canada approved Flight Training Unit for both Hot Air Balloons and Ultra-Light aircraft, Skyward Balloons highly qualified pilots train student pilots from all over Canada. If you want further information on flight training please call our office.

Skyward Balloons is also proud to be the Canadian Distributor for Lindstrand Balloons Ltd, recognized as the best in it’s class and the world’s leading provider of Hot Air Balloons and associated equipment.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Skyward Balloons, please contact us.