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Are you fed up spending advertising dollars on the traditional methods and finding your message is lost! Many traditional methods of advertising do not catch the imagination of your audience and they simply don’t remember you. There’s a reason why Remax Reality have used Hot Air Balloons as part of their branding campaign for years and it is simple! It works! Just take a moment to review the results from this survey!

The following statistics were recently acquired from a survey conducted in Canada.

ATTENTION: An astonishing 100% respondents in the survey indicated that Hot Air Balloons drew their immediate attention. 66% surveyed, noticed billboards, 58% noticed transit advertising.

IMPACT: Hot Air Balloons create excitement. Of the surveyed respondents: 90% would comment on and discuss balloons that they see. 30% would comment on billboards 22% would comment on transit advertising

AWARENESS AND RETENTION: 96% could name three balloons they had seen. 25% could name three billboards and only 10% could name three transit advertisements. Whereas respondents recalled names of the balloons that had not been seen in the air for three years or more. The ability of a Hot Air Balloon to present a name and maintain the message in memory is unmatched by any other conventional media.

INVOLVEMENT: Well over ½ of the respondents said they would stop and watch a balloon in flight. 33% will snap a photo. 15% would actually follow it to see where it goes. It is the only form of advertising that has consumer interaction.

Hot Air Balloons exceed the standard advertising and become an event. By providing entertainment in the form of a sporting event, greater impact and retention is made on the consumer.

TARGET GROUPS: A remarkable 100% notice ability exists among male and female age 18-34, and 35+age groups!! Women have a slightly greater recall of the balloon they saw. Only 4% of all the respondents surveyed could not name three balloons. 100% could name at least two!

Hot Air Balloons command the attention of people whenever they fly. 75% of those surveyed, observed Hot Air Balloons from their car. Balloons flying over the suburbs, offices, and industrial areas were responsible for 50% of the impressions made. 25% of the respondents were people engaged in recreational activities. While children were not surveyed, it was noticed they display keen excitement upon observing a Hot Air Balloon.

VISUAL IMPRESSIONS PER FLIGHT: Over an average sized town with a population of 250,000 plus the balloon would be seen by over 50,000 people. Over a major city or event this would increase dramatically.

If you are looking to create brand awareness whether local, national or international we can help you!

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