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ne of the most beautiful romantic experiences of our lives!”

My wife and I had been talking about going on a hot air balloon ride for years! It was one of those things we dreamed about, but were a little nervous to actually do. We recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and our children, knowing of our wish-list, decided to surprise us with tickets to experience “An Adventure of a Lifetime” with Skyward Balloons! From beginning to end it was an absolute thrill!!! We’d never done anything like this before. This was one of the most beautiful romantic experiences of our lives! Thank you Skyward Balloons for an amazing time! This is one we will never forget. - Jim and Trish Taylor

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  1. Judi Kosch says:

    Finally, the weather and wind conditions were perfect and we lifted off from Drumbo Park; right from the moment the equipment was unloaded and we landed roughly an hour later, I was like a young school girl on her first date – incredibly excited, laughing at everything and feeling on top of the world. I will be doing this again and hope to talk one of my sons into coming along. Both Graham and Linda were patience personified with my sometime impatient demands after been canceled – I was pretty much a pain but they continued to stress the importance of passenger safety and would only fly if conditions were ideal!! In closing, I repeat I will be going again and most definitely with Skyward Balloons. Thank you SO much, Graham and Linda!!

  2. Judi Kosch says:

    Go Skyward!!

  3. Loretta Sawatzky says:

    I have to say that my balloon ride on Sunday evening was the most amazing experience if have ever had, from watching the unloading of the balloon to the landing. Everyone who knows me can’t believe I wasn’t at all nervous, since I have a severe fear of heights. My friend Valerie was the only person who had enough faith in me to come along. It was very tranquil and serene and Seth was the best pilot. Touching the tree tops was unbelievable and flying over the 403 with people honking and waving was another highlight. It will certainly be something I will never forget. Another item I can check off my bucket list.

    I have attached a copy of a picture I took. I’m sure you get lots, but I liked this one the best of all. Every time I look at it I feel like I am back up there.

    Thanks for a wonderful adventure and please thank Seth and Catherine as well.

    Loretta Sawatzky

  4. King Family says:

    It was worth the wait! We finally made it off the ground on the beautiful evening on June 15th 2011. We had the most amazing experience and enjoyed all aspects of the flight. My children are now talking about how they will want to do this with their kids (they are only 11 and 9).

    Thank you again captain Seth and crew for giving our family a most wonderfull experience that we will chersish forever.

    King Family

  5. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on June 25th and were thrilled when we took our anniversary flight the following week! It was everything we hoped for and MORE!!! Our pilot Brian was great as were the ground crew. In fact everyone was fantastic. Skimming across the treetops and flying high side by side with an ultra light are just two of the things we will never forget! Thank you for making our 1 year anniversary so memorable. Looking forward to taking to the skies with you again!

  6. Andre Piette says:

    It was a pleasure to have met Linda and Graham. They were both EXTREMELY courteous and pleasant to speak to and deal with. Getting a balloon off the ground is a lot of work but they made sure to explain to us what was happening. This was my first flight ever and sure won’t be the last thanks to Linda and Graham. From skimming the tops of trees to hovering over a gravel pit to our Perfect and flawless landing I could not have asked for anything better.
    Thank you Skyward Balloons for making this a trip and ride of a lifetime.
    Hope to see you at Cornwall’s Lift-Off again NEXT year.


  7. James Lamond says:

    Fabulous day out – early start on a beautiful morning and we took 57 minutes to fly all the way from Drumbo to Scotland.
    Scotland, Ontario, that is…….
    Thanks Graham and Linda for a great trip!

  8. Phil & Suma says:

    My fiance proposed to me on a hot air balloon ride and it was a dream come true. He had been waiting for clear weather and calling their hotline daily. Finally, there was one good day but winds became a problem. Skyward Balloons cancelled all flights except ours since they knew he was going to propose. We had a private flight during sunset that was beautiful, calm and romantic. It was the last flight of the day for Graham, Linda and their daughter and we can’t thank them enough for this flight. This was one of the most important days of our lives and we thank you for the role you played in it.

  9. Freida Kralj says:

    I love the entire experience that Skyward Balloons provided. Watching the balloon being filled with air and raised off the ground.

    Taking off to the roar of the burners gently floating above the trees.
    The beauty of the countryside watching the sun slowly setting gliding past the tree tops.I have the most amazing pictures of the entire evening.

    Thankyou for providing a Perfectly Wonderful Adventure, learning along the way about Ballooning. I have shared my experience and my photos to my clients, friends and family. Ballooning is what I would recommend to people of all ages.

    Your Team and our Pilot Brian Bell were very friendly and professional.
    Thankyou Again

    Freida Kralj

  10. Sue Stirling says:

    On a beautiful august evening, just before sunset, we watched as our balloon inflated. As our expert pilot filled it with warm air, the balloon rose to attention. We hopped into the balloon and prepared for ascension to the evening sky. Drifting quietly and slowly over Drumbo, our pilot pointed out towns and cities in the distance. We watched as the other balloon joined us over the farms, fields and forests. Twelve kilometers later, we touch down in a farmer’s field, who is happily taking pictures of us. Such a memory…
    A truly magnificent experience!
    Thank you, Skyward Balloons
    Sue Stirling

  11. Shannon Russell says:

    On August 18th ’2012 the sun was preparing to rise and we were preparing to go on an adventure of a lifetime.
    Both because we were about to embark on two amazing moments….marrying our best friends for life, and going on a dream flight with Skyward Balloons.

    The cool air in the morning made for the perfect brisk entrance to where we were to get married with the magnificent balloon in the foreground!
    With the assistance of Linda, Graham and Suzie. Our flight was not only a huge success but one of the most amazing experiences EVER!!

    They are such a lovely team and there calm demeanor put us at ease as we flew higher and higher above the misty fields while the sunrise kissed our faces.
    What a perfect send off to our perfect day!

    Thank you Skyward for this magical day!

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