“From awe-inspired to awe-struck!”

There is something about flying quietly above the hustle and bustle of everyday life that took us from awe-inspired to awe-struck!

Within a few minutes of our launch we were brushing the tops of cornfields, floating peacefully over rivers and ravines, train-tracks, tree tops and through a small white cloud. We set down in the small town of Princeton and it was a perfect landing!


My wife and I did a lot of research before we decided to go and were very impressed with Skyward Balloons safety record, pilots, history and mechanical engineering degrees/credentials.For someone who was a bit nervous about heights, I think I’m cured over and over again!!! lol. I am so glad we made this decision. I think it’s an absolute must do in life! Up up and away…

– Rob and Ann-Margaret Langlade




“We lifted off out of Victoria Park with a crowd of onlookers!”

We lifted off out of Victoria Park with a crowd of onlookers! We rose above the clock-tower and continued to climb high above the treetops. Soon we were waving to people downtown Kitchener and then before we knew it, we were floating through the countryside.  We skimmed the waters of the grand and touched the tops of wheat fields. We took so many pictures, it’s going to be hard to figure out which ones we want to print! We really appreciated the friendly professional pilot (Thanks Graham!). An all around perfect adventure. Amazing views and and amazing experience. Highly highly highly recommended! -Paul and Elly Kritz




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